Monday, March 31, 2008

Sleeping with one eye open.

Daniel often sleeps with one eye slightly open. It's a bit creepy and kindof funny at the same time. We've often laughed and suggested perhaps because he has both a big brother and a big sister that he must keep an eye on his favorite things at all times! He was so funny when I went in to check on him. Apparently, he decided to bring a few belongings into bed with him during nap time today.
We went to a very fun party to celebrate our friend Gabriel's first birthday. It was very fun. The kids really enjoyed playing with the balloons. They are now all tuckered out and sleeping soundly.
I'm still getting prepared for my trip to Florida. I was hoping to catch the musical Wicked, but the dates/times conflict with other things, so I'll have to catch it another time.


The Holloways said...


Darn missing WICKED!! Definitely a must see in the future! :)

The Griffins said...

Mary my kids had a great time hanging out with your kiddo's at the party. They were plenty sleepy when they got home. I hope you enjoy your trip to Florida-please bring us a home a little sun before you guys leave for good.