Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Birthday trip to the Touch Tank

Today the 5 of us went out to the Touch Tank. This is a great place to look at different sea creatures and even enjoy some hands-on learning. Daniel enjoyed peeping at the octopus.
Daddy and Megan checking out sea cucumbers and anemonies.

Daniel and Daddy checked out the fish that were darting in and out of the sea anemonies.

Megan got to hold a starfish. She picked out a pink one out of all the orange ones.

Even Daniel got brave enough to hold the starfish for just a second.

Joshua scooped the starfish right up with no hesitation.

A shot of our little starfish.

Daniel checking out the touch-tank part of the aquarium.

Daniel up close and personal with a starfish.

Daddy and Daniel checking out the big observation tank.

The wall-of-fish. The kids love this wall.

Megan and me at the touch tank. It was nice to be the only family in there. We had a really good time.


The Holloways said...

wow! What a great place! That is the first time I think I have ever seen your husband on your blog!! YEAH! Looks like a nice guy! :)

Becca and Jason said...

Did you notice the Keith and Daniel have the same look on their face in that one pic of them staring down at the tank? Too funny.

But this blog isn't about them, it's about Miss Megan...
She's probably in bed now, but tell her Miss Becca yelled a giant HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her from over here!!!

Lisa said...

You have some great places to go out and visit, looks like you had a fab time!


Josh & Karale said...

very cute pics, as always! what a neat place!