Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Week in Review

Better late than never, but since I'm sitting here watching a movie, I thought I'd catch up on all my writing!

We had another fantastic week of school. Here are some of the highlights....

Reading: Joshua has just 10 reading lessons left. He also got a new beginner reading book from his pen pal in the mail this past week, and he was able to read the entire thing!

Math: Joshua is learning about writing numbers in the twenties. He had been writing 20+8 for 28.

Phonics activities: Joshua studied Humpty Dumpty and created his own Humpty Dumpty craft.
- We reviewed other Mother Goose rhymes - To Market, To Market and 1,2,3,4,5
- studied the word and
- read short stories Benny's Pennies and Feast For 10. Each of the books had questions and worksheets to complete.

Art: We started a new unit on tactile art and sculptures. We noticed quite a bit of 3-D art while we were around town this week.

Geography: Joshua studied about the state of California (boo on Cali, we studied about it before the homeschool ruling came out.

History: Joshua studied about Teddy Roosevelt.

Science: We learned more about our food growing in the ground. And we made plans for a big garden at our next house.

Writing: Joshua made a list of all the actions the people were doing in his action collage. His writing skills are really coming along.

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The Holloways said...

I see you just did a bunch of updates! Isn't it so hard to update all at once?!? I am struggling!!! Love all the pics--looks like your kids are thriving with their schooling!! :)