Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Movie Date

We came home from church on Sunday to find Keith already at the house fixing a few things I had asked him to get done. Joshua told him to hurry up with his chores and get ready for the movies. So the five of us packed into the mini-van and headed out to the movies. I was so proud of Keith, he didn't complain at all the entire time I drove....this is HUGE for him.
We got to the movies, and it occured to me that movie-going will be so different when we get down to Florida. I'm thinking we may not frequent the movie theater quite so often when we get there. We like the theater on the Coast Guard base because they don't usually show previews before the children's movies. We also like that all 5 of us can get in for $8, and that we can get raisinets, dark chocolate M&M's (Megan), regular M&M's (Daniel), skittles (Joshua), and a bottle of water for $5.50. Seriously, isn't that unheard of anywhere else? It's amazing that groceries and gas and diapers are so expensive that we pondered for quite some time over our household budget to see if we could survive with me being a stay-at-home mom, and yet our outings with the kids are all so inexpensive, it helps to have fun without stressing our budget.
Another thing I love about our movie theater is that they play the National Anthem before they start the movie. It actually made me tear up a bit to look down to see Joshua showing Megan how to put her hand on her heart. She was struggling with not wanting to put her M&M's down, so she had twisted herself up like a pretzel and had her left hand over her heart.
Overall the movie was great. The kids sat still the whole time. We brought Daniel's carseat in so that he could be in something weighted enough to keep the seat from swallowing him up. We all had a great time.

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