Thursday, July 12, 2007

White Sands Beach

This past weekend we went out to White Sands Beach. Interstingly, the sand is not white, but black and full of rocks. I'm also pretty certain it is magical sand that multiplies as soon as it gets in the mini-van and the bathtub. It was a really great for the five of us to spend some quiet time together.
Here is a picture Keith took of me and the kids.

Here is one of Joshua and Daniel. I was trying to help them make a sand castle. Joshua would go fill the bucket up with water and Daniel would go with him to help. They are so cute together. Joshua is such a great big brother.
The last picture is Megan digging in the sand in her swimsuit. Of course it was about 55 degrees outside and pretty breezy, but she insisted on wearing her Tinkerbell sunglass, pink Red Sox cap and swimsuit, since we were at the beach.

A soccer photo

Here is one of Joshua in his exceptionally large blue shirt with his team mates playing soccer. He is the one with the shirt untucked, third boy to the left of the ball. He is actually on the green team, but the blue team needed an extra player, so he was sent over to help them out. The league is for kids entering K or 1st grade. Joshua will be 5 in a few weeks, so he will be starting K in the fall. However, many of the kids playing are already 6 and some of them are 7. In height, Joshua fits right in with them, but in weight, he's tinier than most of the others.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Our Soccer Superstar

Joshua has been playing soccer for just over a week now. His coach let the kids pick the team names. His team chose to call themselves the Ninja Turtles. Of course it would be too easy to play on a grass field on a sunny day. Instead the kids play in a dirt field and it has managed to rain 4 out of the past 5 days. So we all stand out in the cold rain cheering the kids on as they practice kicking each other's shin guards, and occasionally play a little soccer.

Our biggest issue with Megan is that she is always in her dress up clothes drawers. By the time I finish changing Daniel and getting the diaper bag packed, Megan has undressed from her regular clothes and put on a tu-tu, princess crown, and lady bug boots. We have finally given up and just go with it. We have managed to turn a few heads at the grocery store.

Daniel is our man of few words. He doesn't really need to speak much because the other two speak for him. However, when he does talk, he cracks us up. He just walked in here to tell me he is a monkey and proceeded to dance and make monkey noises and walk away like it is perfectly normal.