Sunday, September 15, 2013

Struggling, Football, and the Peds ER

This semester, I've been struggling through 9 credit hours.  That's a lot of school for someone who also works full time.  I'll admit that this semester is the first time I've had to deal with the green monster of envy, you know that mean little person inside that just wants to yell at anyone that has the nerve to ask me to volunteer for one.more.thing.  Sometimes I wish I could sit at home all day and eat bon-bons and watch Maury.  But then all the "you are not the father" bits would only remind me of how much I really do enjoy my job.  So, the irony was not lost on me that this last week I was studying PMS and was super-grumpy and still had a mountain of school work to do and still had to work.  I may or may not have eaten way too much salted caramel gelato (I keep it hidden so the kids can't find it!).

But then on to work I went one night last week and was greeted by on of the assistant nurse managers needing to talk to me.  Oh boy...I follow policy to the letter of the law, so I know it can't be that, but these days, there's really no telling what ruffles people's feathers anymore.  Unbeknownst to me, someone had written a nice letter that they were happy with their care, and the boss-lady gave me a copy and a movie ticket.  What a nice way to start my day.  Then a few hours later, EMS was transferring a patient to us and one of the transporters called my first and last name down the hallway.  I wondered if I knew him and when I got closer he looked vaguely familiar, but I still couldn't place him.  He gave me a huge hug and told me I took care of his daughter in the NICU and then when he showed me pictures from his phone I was able to place him right away.  It's so nice to hear the happy endings!  As if that wasn't enough to end my grumpy mood....sometime after midnight, when I was finally caught up on stuff at work, I looked up to see flowers sitting in front of me and a very young couple who had delivered their baby the night before and wanted to thank me for taking such good care of them.  Awwww....all this in one night.  

Moving onto the kids and their cray schedule...

On Fridays during football season, everyone wears their jersey or cheer outfit.  How cute are they?

We went to LBHS's first home game of the season.  In true pre-teen fashion, Megan found her friends and was chit-chatting with them.  

Daniel hung out with me in the stands and spent the whole game telling this adorable little girl everything about football.  "See, now they going to kick for an extra point".  So adorable!!

Joshua hung out with some of his friends, and I know better than to go take pictures.  :) 

The next morning, it was an away game for us. Hot, hot hot!  We have a sports-brella that we us and it keeps us cool, but still it's the humidity that really gets to us. 

Joshua's team out on the field.  I know that because that's one of Joshua's favorite coaches.

That week Daniel's team won and Joshua's team lost. 

The following day (Labor Day), Megan and I went out to run some errands and came across the rally for improving birth.  In all 50 states, there is at least one rally scheduled on Labor Day to help encourage moms to take good care of themselves while pregnant and to improve birth related outcomes in our country.  

I had an opportunity to talk with some NPs and CNMs about upcoming community events, while Megan got busy holding a sign.  

The kids had a teacher work day the week before last, so we decided to adventure off to Blizzard Beach for a few hours.

I want to relax on an island in the middle of nowhere. 

Caught in the act.  Daddy feeding Lilly strawberries that I had just washed for some smoothies. 

And onto a home football game....Patriots vs. the 'Caines

On this particular morning, it was in the 70's and so nice!  I stopped by Panera Bread for some egg sandwiches and a hot coffee before heading out to the field. 

My sweet boy...he let me take some quick pictures out on the field.

These two sit through Daniel's game with me, while Keith is in the announcer box doing his thing. 

A warm up lap around the field. 

Settling in with a good book and a was really chilly!!

A picture of my sweet boy! 

Daddy in the announcer booth doing the spotting. 

Waving to the crowd below. 

Daniel is standing right beside the coach in the red shirt. 

Megan getting ready to cheer.

Joshua hanging out on the sidelines.  He isn't in for a lot of plays, because he's a new learning player.  But he's having a great time! 

An action shot!!

They lost their second game and the coach was trying hard to be positive.  

Daniel showing off his stuff. 

Megan hanging out in her hugglepod.  

This past week was our first week of "too busy Tuesday".  Joshua has ORFF which is like an introduction to percussion instruments.  ORFF is right after school until 4:15pm and he has to be on the field by 5:15pm, so one of us stays with the little ones and one goes to get Joshua, brings a snack and he does his homework in the car and changes for football practice.  

Little miss thing...stole my sunglasses. 

Running across the field to meet up with Daddy.

Megan is writing a biography.  She's illustrating it as well.  I'm sure there's a lot to write about, since she's had such an eventful life already at the ripe old age of 9. 

The Nurse Practice Council had a breakfast for the employees this week with Minute to Win It type games to work on improving patient satisfaction scores.  It was a lot of work. 

I also had a PTA meeting this week on Tuesday night to work on some fun stuff for 5th Grade moving up ceremony.  

And on top of that, I had a parent teacher conference with Joshua's teacher and she said he's such a joy to have in her class!  He's doing quite well this year.

This week's game....(Yesterday) Boone High School.

Megan, having a snack before the game.

Well, she didn't even get to cheer...a coach brought her to me because she was crying and complaining about chest pains, so we went to the Peds ED to get a work-up done.  Thankfully, it was just some dehydration due to the humidity. 

After some IV fluids, she was feeling better and we walked back to the minivan.  Crossing the catwalk, she stopped to look at all the construction. 

On the way home, she talked me into a milkshake.