Friday, September 17, 2010


The kids are really enjoying school, and they are learning so much! I have to say that the homework is a bit of a challenge for us. I think we are finally falling into our groove with it, though.Megan gave her teacher a good giggle when she colored a picture of her favorite summer activity as sleeping! Yes, sleeping - she really is turning into a teenager right before my very eyes. And then every once in a while I get reminded by a little something like the backwards "g" in her name on the paper above that she really is just a little first-grader.

Joshua wrote a story about the time his Ruffy dog was left behind at daycare, and it was a cold snowy night and I sent Keith back out to the base to pick up the dog. Thankfully, Ruffy was sitting under a streetlight and after a little bath, was good as new. Joshua still sleeps with his Ruffy.
Trying to keep us organized, we hung some hooks and a cork board in the dining room, since it seems to be the hub of the morning activities. The kids come home with papers, projects, books, homework, lunch packs, and other very important items like smelly pencils. With everything in one spot, I've been able to pack up most things the night before, since morning time is hectic at our house.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Back to School!

This year, we have all three not-so-little ones back in school. We are fortunate to have a wonderful church-school not to far from our house.

Daniel is in Pre-K. He has Megan's former teacher and he LOVES her. Like really loves her. Like tells me, "Mom, that's not how Miss Dianne does it". He is such a big boy, he didn't want me hanging out in his classroom.

Daniel loves to help pack his lunch. Some of his favorite things are: peanut butter and jelly, yogurt and grape tomatoes.

Megan is in the 1st grade now. She is very shy, believe it or not! She does not like to read in front of class, and I think it has to do with her missing teeth. She is adjusting to school just fine and loves being back with her friends.

Joshua is in 2nd grade and really likes his teacher. She is fabulous - she sends emails almost every day with updates on what they are working on.

Here's the whole crew on the way out the door for the first day of school. Megan (6), Daniel (4) and Joshua (8). It's going to be an exciting year!