Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Partying with the Cousins

Nana, Auntie Pam and Aidan and Austen came over for a visit two weeks ago. We had a blast! Nana and Joshua having a good-bye hug.

Aidan and Joshua hanging out together.

Megan and Nana.

Auntie Pam and Joshua having a Mythbusters show-down. It was truly a meeting of the minds.

Our little slice of heaven was packed full of happy, giggly kids.

Daddy and Megan having a lazy day.

Nana - she's found her new vacation spot!

A wild, rowdy bunch enjoying their meal together.

Even the littlest in the group had a great time!

It's almost school time again!

The kids are registered, the school supplies are bought, and the first day of school outfits have been picked out. The countdown to the first day of school is TWELVE DAYS!!

We were given a wonderful tour of the kids new school last week.