Wednesday, September 5, 2012

P-A-T-R-I-O-T-S, Go, Patriots, Go!!

Football season is in full swing around here.  Megan is a Pop Warner Cheerleader for the Mitey Mite Division.  Her team is the Patriots.  And the colors are red, white and blue.  Practice is a few times a week and games are on the weekends.  This has been a great opportunity for her to be physically active among friends.  One of her team mates is in her same class this year and that has really improved Megan's attitude about school. 

 It's hot out during the practices and the games.  Sometimes it's hard to think of football in 90 degree weather.  
 A couple of weeks ago was the first Home game played at the Lake Brantley High School field.  I graduated from LBHS in 1994 and used to have so much fun at sporting events, it was quite a blast from the past to be back in the stands. 

 Keith and the boys like to sit right on the 50 yard line.  I'm fine with that, as long as we can still see the cheer leaders doing their things.  

This is one of Megan's favorite cheers = Tootie Fruitie. 

Simply adorable...during half time, the girls go over to the opposing team and perform the Hello Cheer...

And then they come back to the home side and cheer for us.  

After the half-time show, the girls get a snack provided by parents (this particular day was frozen grapes for 30 provided by the Holloway house!).  They are also given a frozen wash-cloth to cool off with.  

They are all just adorable and bubbly little things.  Every one of these little girls has so much personality.  

A quick picture at the last game.  We played against Azalea Park out at Boone High School and it was hot, hot, hot.  So far, we are undefeated this year. 

Megan is right out front striking a pose.  This is the end of the Hello Cheer.  She originally was going to be a "flyer" up in the air, but she was not happy with being picked up.  And she's a bit small to be lifting anyone, so she earned herself a position just being cute.  

It's been a fun season so far.  The boys love coming to the games because they have friends that play football.