Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Beautiful Ballerina

This is Megan on her first day of ballet. Of coures, she picked out the full tu-tu to wear to class. We have since talked her into just a leotard with a little dance skirt. My mom gave me a small box of stuff back when I was in college. This box has moved with us on our many moves (I think we are up over 10 moves now). I finally decided to sit down and go through some of the stuff a few nights ago, and my old ballet shoes were in there. They fit Megan with just a little bit of wiggle room, so she'll be able to wear them the entire school year.

Here is Megan doing a drill. The goal was to run gently to the animal and leap like a ballerina over the animal. She did pretty good.

When Miss Molly calls role call, the girls are supposed to stand up and curtsey. It is very adorable.

Here is one of Megan sitting up big and tall with her feet together. We have a few of her ballet classes on video and will be mailing those out in the next week or two. We want to make sure we are being equal, so I need to transfer some of Joshua's soccer games onto the ballet video.

Coast Guard Day Celebration

Actually, this first picture is the day after the Coast Guard Celebration. This picture is from Sunday, the Air Force band did a picnic in the park. Keith had duty, so I took the kids by Subway and we picked up some sandwiches to have a picnic and listen to the music. We got to listen to some great music - everything from big band to Americana themed to modern day country. I brought a few balls for the kids and they really enjoyed themselves.

The Coast Guard day celebration was held in one of the hangars. The kids got to play games and win prizes. They each won a pinwheel and it kept them entertained for a while.

We are always excited when we see the bouncy toys set up. Joshua has become quite the little climber on the bouncy houses. Megan's response was 'it's too bouncy', but after a while, she warmed up to it and started to enjoy herself. We tried to let Daniel jump around for a while, but he was not interested at all.

The kids got to crawl through the different helos and ask tons of questions about what was inside.

Daniel wanted to sit in one of the fire engines and Keith put him in the passenger seat. Daniel kept saying 'drive, drive', so Keith had to pull him out and put him behind the steering wheel. In this picture Daniel is trying to conceal his happiness. It was a great celebration with lots of food and plenty of things to keep the kids busy. The Air Force band was there playing some great music that the kids really enjoyed dancing to.

Soccer Award Ceremony

After the summer soccer session, the Parks and Recreation department held a nice potluck style lunchoen and handed out awards to the kids. Each of the children got their team picture and a Soccer Superstar medal to hang around their necks.
It was a great summer activity and a great way to introduce Joshua to sports. He seemed to really enjoy his coaches and the coaches seemed to really be trying to drive home the point of 'teamwork'.

Wet shoes + big park = Another trip to the clinic

Now that we are back up and running with our internet at full speed again, let me catch everyone else up. This is East Addition Park. It's a nice small, out of the way park. The kids and I decided to meet some other friends for a playdate. Not quite adjusted to the relaxed lateness of 'Kodiak time', we were the first to arrive. Just as another friend was pulling in the parking lot, Daniel slipped on the playground and cut his head very badly. I left the big kids with Shannon and took Daniel up to the clinic to get his head glued back together.

Daniel was a champ at the clinic and stayed pretty calm as long as he was being held. Now that it's been a week or so, his head looks pretty good.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Happy Birthday to Joshua

It has been an extremely busy summer and Joshua's birthday fell on a Monday this year, which happens to be our busiest day of the week. Keith ended up having an evening flight that day, so we had to celebrate at lunch time and then zip off to soccer. Keith made the kids fancy peanut butter, honey and banana sandwiches while I finished getting the presents together. Do you notice the look of excitement on Daniel's face? You would have thought it was his birthday, too.

Joshua got quite a few nice presents for his birthday. He was very excited about his watch, since he is learning how to tell time. Megan was excited about opening up the Transformers.

Playing at the park

Every once in a while, we need a break from the back yard. Kodiak has some awesome parks and playgrounds to venture out to. We've decided to visit a few of our favorites. This is Joshua at the Rocket Park. It's a park on the Coast Guard base. This is his favorite park because he likes to climb up on the rocket. Megan is inside the rocket 'driving'. The other child in the picture lives in the house in the background.

Megan is fearless. She goes straight for the big kid part of the playground. We only stayed at this park about an hour because Megan decided she was hungry. So we went over to the pizza parlor and had some dinner. On the way home we decided to stop at another park in another part of Coast Guard housing. Here is Daniel at the other park.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

A Visit at the Airstation

It's been a while since we've been down to the air station to visit Daddy at work. We decided to go for a visit today. Joshua loved climbing all over inside the plane. He remembered exactly where he sat the last time he flew in the C-130. Daniel enjoyed himself, he kept saying 'airplane, airplane, airplane, mommy, airplane'.

Keith even let them sit in the pilot's seat and look around.

Friday, August 3, 2007

They're growing by the minute!

It's a milestone event for Daniel. He can now see over the fence all by himself. This is very exciting because he hears the quacking and he wants someone to lift him up to see the ducks. Now, he can just climb up on the back of the chair all by himself. He would stand up there all day if we'd let him