Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Beautiful Ballerina

This is Megan on her first day of ballet. Of coures, she picked out the full tu-tu to wear to class. We have since talked her into just a leotard with a little dance skirt. My mom gave me a small box of stuff back when I was in college. This box has moved with us on our many moves (I think we are up over 10 moves now). I finally decided to sit down and go through some of the stuff a few nights ago, and my old ballet shoes were in there. They fit Megan with just a little bit of wiggle room, so she'll be able to wear them the entire school year.

Here is Megan doing a drill. The goal was to run gently to the animal and leap like a ballerina over the animal. She did pretty good.

When Miss Molly calls role call, the girls are supposed to stand up and curtsey. It is very adorable.

Here is one of Megan sitting up big and tall with her feet together. We have a few of her ballet classes on video and will be mailing those out in the next week or two. We want to make sure we are being equal, so I need to transfer some of Joshua's soccer games onto the ballet video.

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Sarahbear said...

Oh Mary she is simply a doll!!! I cannot wait until Lily is old enough to do ballet classes!!!