Saturday, August 18, 2007

Coast Guard Day Celebration

Actually, this first picture is the day after the Coast Guard Celebration. This picture is from Sunday, the Air Force band did a picnic in the park. Keith had duty, so I took the kids by Subway and we picked up some sandwiches to have a picnic and listen to the music. We got to listen to some great music - everything from big band to Americana themed to modern day country. I brought a few balls for the kids and they really enjoyed themselves.

The Coast Guard day celebration was held in one of the hangars. The kids got to play games and win prizes. They each won a pinwheel and it kept them entertained for a while.

We are always excited when we see the bouncy toys set up. Joshua has become quite the little climber on the bouncy houses. Megan's response was 'it's too bouncy', but after a while, she warmed up to it and started to enjoy herself. We tried to let Daniel jump around for a while, but he was not interested at all.

The kids got to crawl through the different helos and ask tons of questions about what was inside.

Daniel wanted to sit in one of the fire engines and Keith put him in the passenger seat. Daniel kept saying 'drive, drive', so Keith had to pull him out and put him behind the steering wheel. In this picture Daniel is trying to conceal his happiness. It was a great celebration with lots of food and plenty of things to keep the kids busy. The Air Force band was there playing some great music that the kids really enjoyed dancing to.

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Sarahbear said...

We had so much fun last year at CG day. I didn't go to this year's one here in Goose Creek, just didn't feel like its hotter than hades :)