Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Yogurt Snack

I will confess that I made my children throw away all of their socks and school shoes a few days ago. The playground at school is a big dirt/sand field, and now that school is over, it's time for some new (clean) shoes. Off we went to Target for new socks for everyone. It was ridiculously hot out and we needed to run by the craft store, so we stopped for some yogurt on the way. I had never been to a make-your-own-yogurt-sundae place and so I wasn't sure how the whole thing worked. The kids really liked the variety and the opportunity to mix flavors.
Daniel is eating a chocolate yogurt with maraschino cherries, mini-marshmallows and fruity pebbles on top. Mine was very ordinary: cheesecake yogurt with jimmies.

Yuck. Megan likes too many flavors at once for my taste! She had chocolate yogurt, rainbow sprinkles, chocolate sauce, mini kisses, mini peanut butter cups and popping bobas.

Joshua had a citrus yogurt with strawberries and pineapples.

So what exactly are these popping bobas? They seem to be a new thing and the kids thought they were very fun! And they tasted pretty good too.

Into the craft store, we purchased glue-sticks and crayons for the "busy boxes" that we keep in the dining room. This keeps craft stuff always around to occupy little hands.

And just because I feel like we look so perfect in our blog postings - allow my to include a picture of Megan fresh out of the shower with one of my t-shirts on. Why is she wearing one of my t-shirts?....Because she had no clean jammies. That's right, I'm crazy behind on laundry. So much so that I proudly wore Christmas socks to work one day last week. Although, I did iron my scrubs (because they had been sitting in a ball in the dryer for two days!).

End of School Year Activities

A few weeks ago, Joshua and Megan's grades were doing their award ceremony at school, and Daniel's class had an end-of-the-year party scheduled for the same time. So, I took Daniel to the award ceremony first, then to his party.

I also remembered right before we were leaving the house that morning, that Megan's class was having a "water party" that afternoon and she was supposed to bring a swimsuit and towel.

Megan waiting patiently for her award. She earned an Excellence in Math Award.

Here she is shaking hands with one of the Vice Principals.

She's so proud of herself! She worked really hard this year.

Joshua is so funny. He seemed like he was just too cool for the whole situation. He also earned an Excellence in Math award. He loves math almost as much as he loves reading.

At 9:40 the awards ceremony finished and so it was time to race to the pool party. The pool party was held at Errol Estates, about a 20 minute drive from the school.

Daniel had a blast playing with his friends.

He got very excited to see Fritos and he thought we were having haystacks (taco salad) for lunch, and was so very disappointed. It was quite funny how he didn't eat any pizza, but instead had two bags of Fritos for lunch.

We stayed at the party for a little while after eating, but then needed to move on to the next event. Back in the minivan, I gave Daniel an apple so that I would feel better about his lunch!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Daniel's Pre-K Graduation

Daniel graduated from pre-K two weeks ago. The commencement ceremony was simply adorable! Decorating the stage were pictures that each child drew. They were supposed to reflect what the child wants to be when he or she grows up. Most kids chose one of their parent's professions...Daniel chose a NINJA!

Marching in to Pomp and Circumstance.

Daniel's speaking part.

Megan and Daddy watching the program.

A brief period of chaos while everyone decides who will speak first.

The graduate receiving his diploma.

Attempting a group shot, but being trumped by a hat with a mind of it's own.

Awww...that's the group shot I was trying for! He's so grown up!

Daniel proudly standing near his picture.

Discussing the cake and punch with Grandma.

Daniel and Grandma.

Daniel and Mommy.

Daniel and his teacher, Mrs. Tenorio.

A sweet, sweet boy with such a big future ahead of him!

Final FLEC Chapel Session

The last Chapel Session of the school year was a performance from the pre-K - third grade classes.. The program was cute.
A video of one of their performances....

Sunday, May 22, 2011

First Grade Reading Celebration

A couple of weeks ago, Megan's class had a reading celebration. She's had all year to do book reports. 50 completed book reports is awarded a trophy, and 25 completed book reports is awarded a medal. She earned a medal. The reading celebration was an all-day event and the kids were to dress up as their favorite character from a story that they read.
Worship that morning was a puppet show in the library. Then the children presented their books to their peers - telling who they are, what book it is, and their favorite part.

Megan presented Mrs. McNosh Hangs up the Wash. She dressed as Mrs. McNosh. Megan's favorite part of the book is when Mrs. McNosh hangs up the dog.

After presenting their books, they changed back into uniforms and proceeded to rotate through all of the first grade classrooms hearing a story, having a snack, playing a game and doing a craft.

The awards ceremony was held in the library at the end of the day.

She was very proud of her medal. She worked very hard for it.
It was hot, hot, hot when we finished our fun at the school. Later that night, Megan and I started working on her trophy/medal shelf. She choose the paint colors and did most of the painting.

The finished project!

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Keith recently posted some older pictures onto Facebook. I added some here and will continue to add all of them when I have time. They are a bit grainier on blogger than I expected, but I think that has to do with the poor quality of the photos before being scanned in...

Joshua celebrating his first Christmas with one of his favorite gifts...the basket ball set that Grandma and Grandpa Holloway got him.

Joshua on his first Thanksgiving. He's sleeping in his carseat. He slept semi-upright for the first year of his life due to his acid reflux. On this day, we were living in Cape Cod waiting for Keith to drive up from being in Coast Guard "A" school in North Carolina.
Our first family picture. We had this taken at JCPenny just a couple of days before taking off for Alaska.
Joshua and I on our way to Alaska. I'll try to do a separate post chronically the trip.

Dropping Joshua off at the best daycare center ever!

What was I thinking...Daniel was about 6 weeks old, Megan was 20 months and Joshua was almost 3 1/2. Taking them out, by myself, to do Santa pictures = disaster.

Joshua holding Megan the day she came home from the hospital. So cute!!

Same photo studio as the Santa pictures - this time I was going for Easter pictures about 4 months later. Nope, still disaster. Notice the lack of actual Easter Bunny in the picture...yup, it really was that bad.

Joshua napping on his cot at daycare.
Joshua's first day of daycare at the Child Development Center on base in Kodiak.

Joshua's always been a good eater!