Tuesday, May 31, 2011

End of School Year Activities

A few weeks ago, Joshua and Megan's grades were doing their award ceremony at school, and Daniel's class had an end-of-the-year party scheduled for the same time. So, I took Daniel to the award ceremony first, then to his party.

I also remembered right before we were leaving the house that morning, that Megan's class was having a "water party" that afternoon and she was supposed to bring a swimsuit and towel.

Megan waiting patiently for her award. She earned an Excellence in Math Award.

Here she is shaking hands with one of the Vice Principals.

She's so proud of herself! She worked really hard this year.

Joshua is so funny. He seemed like he was just too cool for the whole situation. He also earned an Excellence in Math award. He loves math almost as much as he loves reading.

At 9:40 the awards ceremony finished and so it was time to race to the pool party. The pool party was held at Errol Estates, about a 20 minute drive from the school.

Daniel had a blast playing with his friends.

He got very excited to see Fritos and he thought we were having haystacks (taco salad) for lunch, and was so very disappointed. It was quite funny how he didn't eat any pizza, but instead had two bags of Fritos for lunch.

We stayed at the party for a little while after eating, but then needed to move on to the next event. Back in the minivan, I gave Daniel an apple so that I would feel better about his lunch!

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