Monday, May 16, 2011

Catching Up - Race Packet Pick-up - Princess Half

From February 25, 2011...

I took Megan with me to Disney's Wide World of Sports to packet pick-up to get my race number for the Disney Princess Half Marathon. I had never been to the WWoS before and was amazed at what a cool place it is!

We arrived at the Fit for a Princess Expo and were greeted by the royal carriage men, complete with a red carpet entry. Megan was thrilled!

There was so much to see and so much to do! Megan was planning our stops. We stopped by the Sweaty Bands display to pick up some more of these awesome headbands. I've since found out that they are sold in a store up the street from our house.

Megan is wearing a tu-tu that I made for her, and a tooth necklace because of the tooth she lost after Chapel that day at school. In true Disney-style, every single employee commented on her tooth necklace, some were even brave enough to try to guess which tooth it was that she lost that day. At the time she was missing a good 4 or 5 teeth. This little girl made out like a bandit at the expo...she was loaded up with stickers and a gold dollar coin and I bought her some pink Mickey ears (would that make them Minnie ears?).

Here she is making me a "Go Mommy!" sign, while I listen to the speaker talk about pacing and avoiding heat exhaustion.

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