Sunday, May 22, 2011

First Grade Reading Celebration

A couple of weeks ago, Megan's class had a reading celebration. She's had all year to do book reports. 50 completed book reports is awarded a trophy, and 25 completed book reports is awarded a medal. She earned a medal. The reading celebration was an all-day event and the kids were to dress up as their favorite character from a story that they read.
Worship that morning was a puppet show in the library. Then the children presented their books to their peers - telling who they are, what book it is, and their favorite part.

Megan presented Mrs. McNosh Hangs up the Wash. She dressed as Mrs. McNosh. Megan's favorite part of the book is when Mrs. McNosh hangs up the dog.

After presenting their books, they changed back into uniforms and proceeded to rotate through all of the first grade classrooms hearing a story, having a snack, playing a game and doing a craft.

The awards ceremony was held in the library at the end of the day.

She was very proud of her medal. She worked very hard for it.
It was hot, hot, hot when we finished our fun at the school. Later that night, Megan and I started working on her trophy/medal shelf. She choose the paint colors and did most of the painting.

The finished project!

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