Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Keith recently posted some older pictures onto Facebook. I added some here and will continue to add all of them when I have time. They are a bit grainier on blogger than I expected, but I think that has to do with the poor quality of the photos before being scanned in...

Joshua celebrating his first Christmas with one of his favorite gifts...the basket ball set that Grandma and Grandpa Holloway got him.

Joshua on his first Thanksgiving. He's sleeping in his carseat. He slept semi-upright for the first year of his life due to his acid reflux. On this day, we were living in Cape Cod waiting for Keith to drive up from being in Coast Guard "A" school in North Carolina.
Our first family picture. We had this taken at JCPenny just a couple of days before taking off for Alaska.
Joshua and I on our way to Alaska. I'll try to do a separate post chronically the trip.

Dropping Joshua off at the best daycare center ever!

What was I thinking...Daniel was about 6 weeks old, Megan was 20 months and Joshua was almost 3 1/2. Taking them out, by myself, to do Santa pictures = disaster.

Joshua holding Megan the day she came home from the hospital. So cute!!

Same photo studio as the Santa pictures - this time I was going for Easter pictures about 4 months later. Nope, still disaster. Notice the lack of actual Easter Bunny in the picture...yup, it really was that bad.

Joshua napping on his cot at daycare.
Joshua's first day of daycare at the Child Development Center on base in Kodiak.

Joshua's always been a good eater!

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