Saturday, March 1, 2008

Week in review

I got a call last night telling me that one of Megan's little friends from her Sunday School class had been in the hospital for 3 days with the same complaints that Megan had earlier this week. Apparently, something yucky is going around. And now it's Joshua's turn. We were at Safeway grabbing some groceries today and he said, "mom, I feel like I need to cry". It was the most heart-breaking thing! And I also know that's his warning that he's about to fall apart, so we checked out with just what we had (which wasn't much), and went home. Here's a quick review of school this week - I'm going by memory here, so I hope I don't leave anything out!

Reading: Still going fabulous. And Joshua's attempting to read independently more often now. He reads everything in the stores - the signs, the food packages, the balloons in the floral department.

Math: Joshua focused on subtraction for the first part of the week, and then started a unit based on the numbers between 11-100. He's also learning how to estimate which cup is holding more, or which stack has more pennies in it.

Phonics: We worked more with the short a sound this week.

Art: We combined art with learning about verbs. Joshua cut out 10 pages of people doing active things and made a collage with the pictures.

I know we did history, science, a biography and a few other things this week, but they are slipping my mind, and all the homeschool stuff is put away for the weekend.

Daniel asked for a sandwich for snack today. I gave him the option of an orange or a banana and he said "peanut butter sandwich". Now, ordinarilly I wouldn't allow him to choose something that hasn't been offered, but he was signing please and it's the end of a really long week, so I gave in.

Megan was so sweet tonight. I was helping Joshua get all settled in bed and Megan said, "Mom, no worries, I'll read to Daniel." So she pulled the comforter off her bed and "read" to Daniel while he flossed his teeth with an alligator flosser.
Things to note:
-Megan is reading a get-well card that her friend Jordan made for her.
- Yes, she wears shorts to bed. Is it really worth the fight? At least it's not the Snow White costume.
- Absolutely none of Daniel's teeth actually touch, however, he loves to floss because he watches me do it.
- Daniel is holding his Buddy Bear, which he now considers his baby.
- The tinker toys - the one with the wheel on the end is a flower that Megan made, the other tinker toy is a sword that Daniel made.
- That's Bunny Foo Foo peeking over Megan's right knee.


Zach and Beth said...

Ok, I just cried for Josh a little too. I hope he was able to have his cry and that he now feels better. Your kids are the sweetest things. Actually, you ALL are.

Anonymous said...

Yuck! I hope you were able to pick up some Lysol at the grocery store! I hope everyone feels better soon.

The Little Wife said...

Your children sound like the sweetest little people on earth. I wish I could meet these blessings of yours. What a touching post.

Anonymous said...

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Mrs. Darling said...

Oh the sweet little boy! How touching!

And what a cute pic of your daughter reading to her brother! That is just precious! And him flossing his teeth while she reads a birthday card? You cant make this stuff up! LOL

momrn2 said...

We have a nasty going around here too. People are testing positive for Influenza (you know the big guy!) We have had 3 families in our church confirmed with it now. One entire family (parents and all) got it. NOT FUN!

I hope health is restored to everyone in your home soon!! It can be so draining to have one sick!

And what sweet caring children!!...

The Holloways said...

I had to laugh about you giving in when he signed please. Kaden has gotten all sorts of sweets that way--mainly because I am just so thrilled he is RESPONDING and interacting when he signs please that I will give him ANYTHING he wants! :)

I hope everyone starts to feel better soon. Not fun!