Monday, March 3, 2008

Catch-up day.

It sounded like a good idea...taking on-line classes from a college on the East Coast. The only problem with that is the time difference kills me sometimes with the deadlines. The college closes out the week's assignments at midnight on Sunday night. But that's 8pm my time. So on a week like this week has been where the kids have been sick and Keith has not been here as often as he has in the past, I was pushing the limits with getting school work submitted on-time today. Ordinarily, I have a great little schedule of studying every night for about 4 hours after the kids go to bed. And I can get my reading for class in during different sporadic moments through-out the day such as nap time, or if I wake up before the kids, or during movie night I'm happy to sit on the couch with my book. Perhaps that's not exactly the best manners, but if I have to watch Cinderella one more time, I'm going to dig my eyes out with a spoon. And then there are charts or lists of things to study. Often times I've got something printed out and up on the refrigerator, the bathroom mirror or the cabinets above the washer/dryer since I am a visual learner, it helps me to see things through-out my day. So I really feel as though I've got a handle on this whole school thing most days. And then there are weeks like the past couple of weeks where the kids have just had one illness after the other. It started with cute little colds that made them all sound funny, but sleep poorly. No sooner were the colds gone, then Megan had the flu and was miserable for nearly a week. Then Joshua's temps started soaring and his cough kicked in, which meant we were back to using the inhaler on a frequent basis, which meant he was wired all the time from it. So not only was he sick, but he was naughty, too. He's lovable, but he is absolutely Dr. Jeckle/Mr. Hyde when it comes to using the inhaler, it makes him out of control and then he crashes exhausted. Me? I don't get a chance to crash, there's too much going on right now. My evening study time was eaten up by ill children all week, and I came into this weekend less prepared to wrap up the week than I usually am.

So by the time this morning came, I had to call in the reinforcements. Joshua woke up with another 103.5 fever this morning, but by late morning he was feeling somewhat better. Keith swooped in and took the boys out of here for an hour or two so that I could try to focus with a little less noise. So I pulled the laptop out into the kitchen to be near Megan since she was having a picnic with her ponies in the livingroom, and I got busy. Ideally, I would leave the house to study, but the library here does not have wireless internet and I need to be connected to the web. I considered going to the coffee shop (which does have wireless), however, living in such a small place, I always run into about 5 other people there and I really could not be chatty today. Not to mention I had not showered or changed out of my PJs yet. So this is where I stationed myself for a few hours today putting the finishing touches on two different papers (two different classes), taking an exam, and preparing some notes for the upcoming week. By the time Keith got back with the boys, Megan was sitting with me coloring in her mermaid coloring book, eating goldfishes and listening to a riveting lecture.

On their adventure, Keith took the boys to Wal-mart and bought them another pack of legos. It's hard to make cool things out of legos when we only had a few. So because they had a large box on sale, Keith picked it up. Then he felt bad that the boys got a toy and Megan didn't, so he found this Cinderella dress on sale. It's a size too big, but she loves it anyway. She said she's going to wear it when she meets Cinderella.

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Mrs. Darling said...

Ive often thought of furthering my degree online but I just cant take that time from the kids. Tink would be a ferral child if I did that! LOL