Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Birthday lunch at the Powerhouse

For those of you that don't live in Kodiak, there are very few good places to eat out here. Usually, the Powerhouse is a date-night type place. But in the past year or so, they've started really catering to family dining during the daytime. We sat at a table near the window so that the kids could watch the birds and boats go by. The kids' meals came in cute little boats. They had cabbage/carrot egg rolls, chicken, and oranges topped with a cherry.
The waitstaff came out and sang Happy Birthday to Megan and she just beamed. She loved the peanut butter pie. We all had a little taste, it was fantastic!

We let Megan open up her gifts after lunch. She LOVED the doll clothes that Grandma and Grandpa sent her. She's napping right now, but we plan on dressing up her Cabbage Patch Doll when she wakes up. She also got a princess bag full of casual dresses and some new jammies. She insists on wearing a dress every day.

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Josh & Karale said...

Happy Birthday, Megan!