Thursday, March 6, 2008

Parents are teachers

I had a great meeting today with the director of the Parents as Teachers program here in Kodiak. Parents as Teachers runs from August to May. The main purpose of this FREE program is to teach parents how to interact with their 0-3 year old children in a positive way that encourages growth and learning from the child (and the parent!). I have quite a bit of infant/early development stuff from my time spent at the gym helping with the Kids Fit and Fun program there. So today, the PAT program and I went through many of the materials and they are now the proud new owners of quite a bit of stuff that's been taking up space in my garage. Before the director came over, I brought all the stuff into the livingroom to sort through it. The kids woke up from naps to find all sorts of exciting things that they somehow had forgotten that we had. It's so much fun to pull out toys we haven't played with in a while. The above picture is Megan and Daniel in the play tunnel together.
Then Daniel walked around the house with these walking cups. We actually have a set for each of the kids because they love them. I also have about 30 hula-hoops. Hula-hoops are great things. Joshua likes to construct things with them.

Daniel is looking so lovingly at his "Wa-wa". They are so cute together.

Daniel watched Joshua for a while, then made this interesting little house and told Megan it was for her. Megan climbed in there and I thought she kindof looked like a nucleus. Again, I must be studying too much!!


Mrs. Darling said...

That program sounds fantastic! Its cool that you can give your stuff to them. And it looks like your kids thought it was pretty meat to see it all again. Great pics.

Lisa said...

Looks like great fun! Lisa (UK)

Zach and Beth said...

How fun! You are so funny with your nucleus talk. Silly girl. I'm on the waiting list for PAT right now. I think I'll be able to start in the fall though.

Off to find a tunnel for Gabriel.

The Little Wife said...

So sweet, as usual. The program sounds so great. I just looked it up in my area and found that there are a few but not too close to me. I may check it out though. I'd never heard of it before and you've peeked my interest.