Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Cat in the Hat and cereal for dinner

Dr. Seuss's birthday was earlier this week. The R. Holmes Johnson Public Library has story and craft time every Thursday at 11am. This week's theme was a celebration of Dr. Seuss stories.
We try to go to story time every week. One of the negative sides to homeschooling is that Joshua does not often have to sit still and listen to another adult. The children's librarian is great with the kids. She is a good reader and she stops to ask them questions as she reads. Joshua did a good job sitting still, as did Megan and even little Daniel.

After the story was read, the kids each made hats like the Cat in the Hat wears. Joshua still looks a little pale, he's not back to his 100% self just yet.

Daniel had a good time. I helped him color his hat, and he was pleased as punch to wear it for the rest of the day today.

Megan and her little friend Ava (also seen in our Nutcracker pictures) just had to sit in the seats next to each other. They were so cute together comparing hats.

The librarian helped Megan color her hat. Megan was pretty happy with the finished product.
Joshua was pretty tired by the time we got home and had lunch. He did a little bit of school work and then asked if he could take a little nap. I let him grab a pillow off my bed and an extra quilt and he slept on the floor in the livingroom for an hour and a half. He felt refreshed when he woke up. I asked him if he wanted to help make dinner and he said he could do it all by himself. So, tonight Joshua served up rice chex with milk, chopped bananas and orange juice.

Notice that Daniel's spoon is about as long as his arm!


Zach and Beth said...

Daniel was so cute getting out of the van yesterday with his hat on. He looked so proud.

The Little Wife said...

Those just happen to be 3 of my kids' favorite stories. I could read them each 10 times over in one day and they would never tire of them.