Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter Eve!

What an amazing day before Easter. They sky was a dark gray this morning. And just when Keith and I were entertaining the idea of hiding some plastic eggs outside for the kids to find after lunch - the sky let loose with snow, snow and more snow.

For lunch we made lots of little snacks, including deviled eggs from our eggs we had colored the other day. Then after naps, we made resurrection buns, and ate bunches and bunches of marshmallows. Here is Joshua spreading the butter inside the biscuit.
Daniel got a little over-enthusiastic with the cinnamon sugar mix. It made the buns taste very similar to Cinnabon buns.

After a thorough investigation of the "empty tomb", we all enjoyed our buns. They were so tasty, Daddy ate two!
Then, the kids enjoyed digging into some adorable packages that Grandma and Grandpa sent. They are cute little chinese take-out boxes with fun little trinkets inside. The notepads and the 5 one dollar bills were a big hit!

Then the kids called Grandma to say thank you.

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Lisa said...

Happy Easter to you all !! We finally have some snow - well a very very little snow compared to you, but its still snow!

Lisa (UK)