Thursday, March 20, 2008

My little helper

This morning was a beautiful morning. The sunshine made the lily pond look so crisp in the morning light, I actually stood out on the porch for a little bit just taking it all in before the kids woke up. A quick glance at the thermometer hanging on the porch told me it was about 22 degrees outside. That was definately my cue that it was time to head inside and make some tea.

I returned a few phone calls while the kids were eating breakfast and then I was off to my 10am class. Fortunately, class is on-line because I sat on the floor in the livingroom with the kids in the midst of a mountain of every blanket we own (we had just stripped beds for washing the linens) half watching Herbie the Love Bug, talking to Keith on the phone and following along with the chat session for school. Not the usual way I attend my chat sessions, but I can tell I have a raging case of senioritis and I'm just counting down the final weeks. And incidently, it was the classic Herbie movie, one of my favorites. And the kids loved it.
After class, the laundry was finished and it was time to put sheets back on beds. Megan wanted to help. She did a great job helping me with her bed and then we went in to do mine. She instead decided that she would jump on the bed instead of put sheets on it. But, the joke was on her, she's not used to the new mattress, and it doesn't bounce, so she jumped once and then just stood there looking dumbfounded. So then, she improvised and danced on my bed while I cleaned up the bathroom and put away some laundry in the back end of the house.
We brought all the remaining laundry into the livingroom to fold so that we could sit in the sunshine. It felt so good to do our chores in the sun. Megan picked her clothes out of the pile and folded most of them. It was hard for me to NOT reach over and re-fold them, the control freak that I can be sometimes. I want her to be proud of her work and to be encouraged to take care of her belongings.
Tonight I took the kids to see Horton Hears a Who. They all behaved wonderfully, and we used the carseat trick again with Daniel and he was happy as can be to just sit there with his M&Ms, sucking the candy coating off of them before eating the chocolate. Overall, it was a cute movie.


The Holloways said...

WOW! What beautiful sunshine! I am glad to hear Horton hears a WHO was an overall good movie. I have considered taking Jenna--we'll see.

I am quite amazed you did all your bedding at the same time! WOW! I usually just do one room at a time on different days. Am wondering if I adapted your little method, if things would actually be EASIER??

Mary said...

I used to do one room at a time, but now that the kids can help, we strip all the beds on the same day. They carry the blankets to the livingroom and make forts with them while I clean up the bathrooms. It's quite a process, but it gets the job done.

Mrs. Darling said...

Sounds like you've been busy. I want to take my kids to see that movie too but I was worried about 4month Tiger Lily making it through. I hadnt thought about the car seat trick. I'll have to try it.

Ann said...

I had to laugh at the bed part-- hey, this bed doesn't bounce!