Sunday, March 30, 2008

An exciting Saturday night.

We've had a quiet day of hanging out at the house. At one point, I rested on the bottom bunk of the boys' bed, while the kids make inventions from their tinker toys.

Keith suggested we get a babysitter and go out for tonight. But, I'm nearing the end of two big classes and have a small mountain of work to finish in the next 3 weeks, and I've somehow psyched myself up to believe I can get it all done in the next week if I really buckle down after the kids go to bed.

So our compromise was to take the kids out to dinner (something we rarely do), and then give them baths and let them watch a movie before bed. They were all WONDERFUL out to dinner tonight. I think the change of scenery did us all a little good.

So here I sit waiting for a presentation to finish downloading, so I can study for a few hours.

I bought my plane tickets to Florida, and because I am using my Alaska airmiles, I had to be very flexible with my dates and times, so I'm spending a few more days than I had originally planned to be there. But the extra time in the sunshine will be fun! Keith says thank goodness the house is already sold because he assures me that it won't be this tidy while I am gone for 10 whole days!!


Anonymous said...

You're such a dedicated student. I don't have kids or a house (just fish and an apartment) and I procrastinate studying like you wouldn't believe...good for you!

The Little Wife said...

I'm so proud you and hope you have a wonderful trip!

The Holloways said...

Did you buy your Wicked tickets too??/ You HAVE to see it--promise no regrets! Live it up while you are gone!! WOW--time away from kids like that? Amazing!!

Lisa said...

Hope you have a great trip.