Saturday, March 15, 2008

Easter Egg Scramble

This morning the Coast Guard base held their annual Easter Egg Scramble. Upon entering the gym, we were greeted by the Easter Bunny himself (herself? I'm not sure who was in there). Daniel was so excited to have a lolly-pop.
Then the kids had to patiently wait while the rules were explained. I had gone over the rules repeatedly in the car on the way there. Each of the kids knew they were in different age groups.

When they set up for the 0-2 year olds and blew the whistle, Daniel was off. I laughed at myself for a minute, because if we were anywhere else, seeing one of my kids bolting away from me in a huge crowd of people, would have made me very nervous. Not so much in Kodiak, and definately not at a base-sponsored activity, where we happen to know the majority of the people there. So Daniel ran away and collected some eggs. And I was relaxed enough to let him do it.

Interestingly, Daniel only picked up blue eggs. He had about 8 blue eggs in his basket and decided he was done, so he went to sit on our coats and played with his eggs during Megan's turn.

Megan got right down to business when they blew the whistle for her age group. You'll notice her basket also is monochromatic in her Easter egg choice.

Joshua's group of 5-6 year old kids was a bit rougher. He was not happy with the few kids that were pushing. However, he still got right in there and collected a whole basket full of eggs. Multiple different colors, too.

Some of the eggs had little plastic trinkets in them, some had candy and some had tickets. We took the tickets to the ticket counter. Megan got two tickets - one was a basket with some girlie things in it (hat and purse), and a large inflatable purple bunny. Joshua's ticket was for a large chocolate rabbit and Daniel's ticket was for a large inflatable blue bunny.
Then we lined up to thank the Easter Bunny for hosting us at this fun little event.

And I couldn't resist this one of Daniel and the bunny. Daniel was all about his lolly-pop.

When we got home, Megan and her purple bunny danced while Joshua directed me to make lunch. It's his secret recipe, so I'll have to ask before I share it.

Daniel and Megan brought all their goodies to the table and sat there waiting for lunch.


Mrs. Darling said...

Oh how cute. What a lovely party!

Lostcheerio said...

Totally cute. But... that Easter Bunny is a little creepy. I'm contemplating taking my kids to see the E.B. at the mall, but I don't think Sadie will have anything to do with him. Did they have Easter Bunnies like this when we were little? I can't remember how I used to feel about them.