Thursday, February 28, 2008

The royal princess treatment

Megan took a great nap today. When I woke her up, I could tell her fevers have finally begun to break, she looked a little less peaked. So the princess spent the day on the couch with some crackers and water and watched Madeline. Here's a close-up and you can see her hair is all wet from being sweaty. When I went into her room, she had no blankets on her and her pillowcase was damp.

In the meantime, Joshua did a great job with his school work today. He can now read enough to do some of his worksheets without my help. This gives me a minute or two to change out a load of laundry, or fix up snacks.
Sadly, I didn't take Joshua to AWANA for race car night. He was a little disappointed, but he understood that Megan was sick.


The Day family of 4 said...

I hope princess get's better soon. Your family is in my prayers.

The Holloways said...

So glad she is on the up and up! It is nice to not have people SICK!!!

Mrs. Darling said...

Oh the sweet baby! There something about sick kids that just bring out all the mother in me. Your daughter is so beautiful. Hope shes soon up and running around.

The Little Wife said...

I hope she feels better soon! ((hugs))

momrn2 said...

Trusting she is continuing to feel better and that no one else has gotten sick!!