Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A big busy day

This morning started with the boys fighting in their rooms. Daniel has really started pushing Joshua's buttons. And Joshua hasn't been sleeping well because he's been coughing, so his feelings are hurt very easily. In an effort to decrease possible allergens for Josh, we began to search for a new home for Meow-meow. But when it came down to handing her off, we just couldn't do it. So we decided the next best thing would be to give her a shorter hair cut so that our brushing her would be more effective at loose hair removal. So Meow-meow went for a haircut today. Daniel claimed the pet carrier for himself today, putting all his little animals in there. I was in the kitchen making breakfast and I overheard Megan trying to talk Daniel in to climbing in there.

She looks like such a small cat now. I shampooed the carpet in the livingroom today. Somedays I feel like a broken record ("did you wipe, did you flush, did you wash your hands, leave your brother alone, don't drink my water - I'll get you your own"). Today was no different, but I kept having to remind the kids not to walk in the livingroom because the carpet is wet. Guess who didn't listen?

This is distress because his socks are all wet and cold from walking on the wet carpet.

This is Megan saying, "deary, would you like an apple?". She hasn't actually seen Snow White yet, but I've added it to our Netflix list. She learned all about the bad apples from the movie Enchanted.


Lisa said...

Sorry but the cat looks sooo funny! Lisa (UK)

Anonymous said...
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The Day family of 4 said...

Busy, busy, busy! I know the feeling, the to do list is so long it feels like you just don't know where to begin... and then as soon as you do begin, you are interrupted by your little one's needs. You'll be hanging out at the sunny beaches before you know it! Bet you cant wait.... I know I can't.