Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mommy clothes conundrum

I had intended to meet some friends for coffee this morning, but a friend on the other side of town cancelled because she had gotten quite a bit of snow overnight. Hmm? We didn't see too much of that at our house, but still the forecast said to expect a bit more snow and wind. So with a dark sky and slushy roads, I took Daniel with me to Safeway for a few things. (Why does it seem like we are there every day?) As I was grabbing some milk and bagels I realized that I was standing there in athletic pants that are at least 5 years older than my oldest child. In fact, I think I swiped them from Keith when I was pregnant with Joshua. I had on a hooded sweatshirt, my hair in a ponytail and not a bit of make-up on. This attire is the Kodiak-norm.

Then it hit me....I've become frumpy. And sure enough, I was looking through some pictures tonight of our time in Kodiak and I can see that this illness is progressive. This move back to the East Coast can't come quick enough - I can't wait to trade my snow boots for some strappy sandals.

Cleaning out my closet in preparation for the move has moved me to fits of giggles. Keeping in mind that before we got pregnant with Joshua, we were living in Boston and going out all the time. So my pre-kids clothes are now a little too snug in all the wrong places, and definately a little too short for a minivan driving 32 year old mother of 3.

As much as I'd like to order some clothes that I actually fit into (I have clothes too big, and I have clothes too small, but nothing in the middle), I'm going to keep my frumpy look until I get to Florida, and then I'll have to drag Sandi out shopping.

The pictures are completely unrelated to my clothing conundrum. They were taked today during snacktime. Yes, Megan dresses like a princess everyday. I'm seriously considering not even buying her any more regular clothes.

The boys are so funny, Joshua picked them both out blueberry yogurt, but I was already cutting up apple slices, so it was a bit of a big snack for them.
This morning, Daniel was whacking everyone with the For Sale sign, so I propped it up high in the window. Keith is going to put it outside tomorrow.

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The Holloways said...

I hear ya sistah! I am a frumpaholic to the T! It is not that I DESIRE to be this way, but I certainly have somehow LET things get in the way of buying and looking good in the right clothes--geesh! It is SO frustrating to look in the mirror sometimes. In fact, before our "big date" last weekend, I ran to the store to by a new necklace since I didn't own a single piece of jewelry (besides my wedding ring) and I wanted to look nice--even if it was just wearing one piece to help me FEEL like I looked better. :)So crazy. I can't wait to see you break out those strappy sandals and cute capris! :)