Thursday, February 21, 2008

Just an ordinary Thursday

Sorry, no pictures today - I'm really bad about forgetting to charge the batteries to the camera, and there is nothing worse than a digital camera with dead batteries in it!

The kids and I got up this morning and made some cranberry-orange muffins. Then after a series of phone calls inquiring about the house, we were out the door headed to story time at the library. Bummer that the story time lady did not have a craft ready for the kids this time. Usually it is a story then a craft. So the kids were a bit bummed out. We raided the DVD rental area and found the complete 2nd season of the Muppet Show. The kids really love the Muppet Show in all of it's musical silliness, so we checked it out. I ran into a good friend that I hadn't seen in a few weeks, and I was positively giddy to sit there and whisper like a couple of school girls in the children's section of the library for about 20 minutes while our kids (5 between the two of us) played puzzles and dominos.

Keith worked cleaning up in the garage today for a couple of hours. He managed to pull together about 5 garbage bags full of trash.

It's been a non-stop day today, complete with a mad-dash housecleaning after someone called to see if they could pop in to take a look at the house. Daniel ran into the livingroom to tell me he had pooped in his diaper just as I started to see the family's car pulling into the driveway. I now think I could possibly hold the world's record for the fastest diaper change and disposal. Then I lit a good-smelling candle as Daniel went giggling in the other direction. The little stinker!

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The Holloways said...

I love running into old friends (and NEW ones too!!)--It is so fun to pick up where you left off and still click! :)

I hope your house showing went well--kids really know the best times to do their business--and it never coincides with the parent's best time... :)