Wednesday, February 27, 2008

ER Visit

Poor Megan continued to have high fevers. Then she started crying because her belly hurt and she could barely stand up (I'm sure it was 50% drama, but whose taking chances?)

Unfortunately, the way it works now at the hospital is that when I call to talk to the ER for a triage question, I get transfered to Anchorage where I talk to an ER nurse there. That works great most of the time, but I really just wanted to ask our ER doc if he really thought Megan should be seen. So of course, the minute I mention high fevers and belly pain, the triage nurse tells me to report to the ER to rule out appendicitis.

So, Keith comes home from work and I take Megan to the ER, where she immeadiately perks up a bit. The ER nurse was beyond rude to us. And fortunately for me, I was not the only one that heard it, or I would have thought it was just me being sensitive since I haven't really had a full night's sleep in 4 days. Fortunately, the ER doc gently put her in her place and then introduced me as a great nurse. He assured that my concerns about Megan are very valid and that I had every reason to come in to get her checked out. He's not worried about her appendix, but did suggest we be a little more liberal with the medications to get her fevers under control and that perhaps she might have the flu and is aching all over but centralizing that discomfort to her belly.

So Megan woke up at 2am crying for Dr. Smith and was insistant that we call him to let him know her belly still hurt. I indulged her by talking into the lifeless cordless phone and giving her next dose of Motrin (she was due). I know when she is really hurting versus just being dramatic, and she was pretty much falling apart again.

Unfortunately, Joshua knows that tonight is race-car night at AWANA and he's upset that we might not be going. However, I think I'll call the girl next door and beg to see if she can babysit on a school night just this once!


Sweetpeas said...

I'm thinking one of the flu bugs going around must affect little kids at least w/ belly pain. My dd woke up Sabbath morning saying her tummy hurt but insisting she didn't need to go potty. After doing some reading, and further questioning, I decided it wasn't definitively enough in the right lower quadrant to be worth an ER trip, so I left her sleeping on Daddy's lap while I took her sister to SS. She had a fever & slept all day, continued to say her tummy hurt, but didn't react when I gently poked at her belly, and woke up fine the next day.

I hope Megan feels better soon & you can figure out so Joshua can still go to AWANA tonight.

Lisa said...

Hope Megan feels better soon and Joshua got to go out.

The Griffins said...

Sorry to hear your Megan is so sick. Caleb has had the same thing this week-high fevers with a centralized pain in his belly-and a case of pink eye.
Tell Megan we miss her spunk in Cubbies and hope she feels well soon.