Saturday, February 23, 2008

School progress

Joshua is doing fabulous at his school work. I had pages of his work to upload, but the blogger isn't agreeing with me anymore tonight.

After we read his morning devotion, Joshua has been practicing finding the verse in his Bible. It coincides well with where he is at with is AWANA work. His AWANA workbook has him learning to recite the books of the Bible, and he can recognize quite a bit of them by site. So together we find the book, then he finds the chapter and verse and reads the verse to me (with some help when he needs it).

We are only on reading lesson 83, and somehow I had it in my plans that he would be finished with the book by March 1st, and it's looking like we are a tiny bit behind! But he is reading very well with very little help by me.

Math is focusing on subtraction sentences. Like if there were eight apples and a giraffe eats three, how many apples are left.

Reading Comprehension was fun this week. We read books that focused on the alphabet, and we read an Aesop's fable - The Lion and the Mouse.

Phonics discussed the short a sound, and Joshua was able to read a short story book all by himself, Nat at Bat.

Geography focused on Arizona, and we enjoyed pictures of the Grand Canyon, and the Colorado River. It was fun to talk about cactus and the difference between living in rainy Kodiak vs. dry Arizona.

History continued our study of presidents. We learned all about Honest Abe Lincoln, and made a replica of his one-windowed log cabin that it is said that he lived in.

We are reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe as the read-aloud book this month. Joshua is really enjoying it.

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The Little Wife said...

Way to go Joshua! He sounds like he is doing great!