Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Girls' Day Out

I'm a bit out of order because I already posted about the blizzard this weekend, but had not posted about our girls' day out. I had to wait until I had a good "after" picture of Megan's haircut. We left the house around 10am to run some errands. We went to the oil company to set up our last autofill to be 6 weeks from now. While there, the wonderful ladies that work there gave Megan a Tootsiepop, which she was not allowed to eat until her haircut. From the oil company, we went to the Title company to get the packet of information for our "For Sale By Owner" file. The ladies there gave me some great information, and I was so happy to have stopped in there. I like lists and algorhythms and they had charts and websites and all sorts of great information that spoke to me in my language. Then we walked over to the little healthfood store, since we were out of Bubble Juice. Bubble Juice is a dose of fish oil supplement mixed into orange juice. That's the only juice the kids drink. So Megan helped me pick up the supplement.
Then it was finally time for haircuts. We arrived a little bit early, so Megan passed the time counting the boats in the harbor, clutching her watermellon flavored Tootsiepop.
There she is happy as can be with her Tootsiepop and chatting away with her hairdresser like she was the belle of the ball. She even got the star treatment. Her hairdresser gave her a little blush and lipgloss while they were playing waiting for me to get my hair trimmed.
After haircuts, we went to get the For Sale sign made, and stopped of for some milk and fruit since the wind was picking up and the snow was starting to fall.
Here are the after pictures of Megan's new look. This is fresh from the tub after getting her hair blown dry.

She was so funny standing in the bathroom primping. She was brushing the hair away from her face and singing princess songs. She was thrilled to have a big girl day out.


The Holloways said...

She looks SO cute! Isn't is so nice to have a girl's day out?? I love that!

momrn2 said...

Too cute! How fun that the girls had such a fun day out that continued into the evening with primping. My daughter does the same thing!! (and she's 10!) :-)