Saturday, February 23, 2008

Peaceful Playing

The kids played peacefully together for a little while today. They were racing cars on Daniel's car carpet. Joshua is so super-excited about AWANA next Wednesday, it's the Grand Prix night and he will get a chance to race one of his hotwheels on a track down the middle of the church. I'll be sure to have a camera with me that night. Megan sat on the sidelines and cheered the boys on while they raced.
It was so sweet this morning. Joshua was already dressed and I was helping Daniel get some clothes out of the closet, and Daniel said, "no, I wear blue shirt, like Josh".

The boys raced their cars complete with sound effects, and they had a blast!

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momrn2 said...

Ah, those moments that the children play together and actually enjoy each other's company... I cherish those times!!