Tuesday, February 19, 2008

School days in our PJs

We've got some catching up to do, after taking some down to to care for the various viruses that ran through our house. In total, we took a combination of 9 days off of school in the past 3 weeks. Which makes for serious inconsistency and difficulty staying in our groove. Joshua was so absorbed in working on a floor puzzle, that he didn't even notice me standing in the same room.
Daniel likes to get involved in the school day. He picks a pen from the pencil holder and practices drawing pictures during Megan's school time.

Megan is working her way through a Horizon's preschool workbook. While I really don't think 3 year olds need any type of formal paper-and-pencil type preschool, since they learn so much from the world around them, she was begging to do schoolwork with Joshua and this seemed like a good compromise. Yesterday she cut out animals that live in the land, air and sea and glued them in their respective places.

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