Sunday, February 17, 2008

If you like pina coladas....

Daniel and I are getting over a nice little illness that we shared together. He gets really cuddly and that's how I know he doesn't feel very good. On my cleaning out the freezer kick, I came across some non-alcoholic pina colada mix, so I blended it up and he was in heaven. I was thrilled that the grumpiness stopped long enough for him to suck down a glassful of pina colada. This blue sweater he's wearing has a funny story behind it. He wore it to church a few Wednesdays ago, and Mrs. W in the nursery commented that he looked like Elmo. So Daniel calls this sweatshirt his Elmo. He was whining this morning asking for his Elmo and Keith had no idea what Daniel was so upset about. I think Daniel is confusing Elmo and Cookie Monster, but truthfully, he really hasn't seen enough Sesame Street to know the difference.

I came in the front door with a bunch of groceries today only to find that the walkway was blocked by these "guys". It's funny how transfer season works here. Last year a family was leaving Kodiak and offered us their lego guys. Having a couple of lego freaks in the house we could not turn down such a fantastic offer. These lego guys are bionicles, so they are robots of some sort. Joshua uses them to create little armies of men that protect the house. And now that it's our turn to get ready to leave, we've been moving so much stuff out of our house. I mailed 10 books yesterday from my PaperbackSwap account. And I mailed out 3 eBay packages. And a friend came by to pick up some baby toys we don't have use for anymore. I am really enjoying clearing away stuff. The sun was shining yesterday and I was delighted to run outside and clean all the windows I could reach! Then today it snowed again.

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