Friday, February 8, 2008

A little strategic planning

Well, we had heard rumors that not one, not two, but THREE of our neighbors would be advertising their houses for sale this week on the Coast Guard message board. However, two of the families do not want to vacate their houses until this summer when transfer season begins. We're ready to go now. (Okay, almost ready.) Our original plan would have had us officially advertising the house on Monday of this week. However, we decided to hang back a few days to see what we are up against.
I'm a little sad that our neighborhood homes are selling for so much. Basically, in my mind it means that a single income newly-starting out young family like ourselves may not be able to afford our home. Honestly, we probably wouldn't be able to afford our house if we had to buy it today at the rate the prices have increased. (Does that make sense?) Don't get me wrong, we are looking forward to having a nice little down payment on our next home from the sale of this one, so I can't really be too terribly sad.
After doing the calculations according to the square footage of our home and taking a look at what recent home sales have been, we came up with a price on the low end of what the neighbors are asking. But truth be told, the first person that makes any kind of reasonable offer will be the winner of an adorable little home and can move in today.
We are doing a few last minute projects this weekend. We are going to be laundering the curtains and shampooing the carpets in the main area of the house. I was mentioning to Keith that when we move the couch back into the livingroom (we have to take it out to shampoo the carpet), we should put it the way it was when we brought Daniel home from the hospital. Keith kindof chuckled and was like, "you mean, up against the wall near the windows?". We both thought it was kindof funny because we are always referring to our house according to how old the kids were. Like, "man, that rhubarb is pretty hardy, we planted that before Joshua's third birthday party out back". We both feel pretty sentimental about the house. So we are hoping that it sells at the right time to the right family.
Taking a break from all the house stuff, Megan and I are going out for a mother/daughter day tomorrow. I have an appointment to get my hair cut (nothing fancy, just a trim), and she's tagging along to get her layers cleaned-up a little bit. We'll run a few errands, too. But the haircuts will be the highlight of the day.


Sandy said...

Hi, fun to visit you! I love mother and daughter times together. There's nothing quite like them ... :)

The Day family of 4 said...

Isn't the housing market crazy! Hopefully it will work out to your advantage. I just kept hoping the right family would find our house too... the whole thing was; sad, exciting, nerve racking, and all together a great experience. I wish you the very best with your final preparations.