Monday, February 25, 2008

Yuck...the sickies have set in.

Remember that last post that mentioned sipping some tea and finishing off my book....that never happened. Megan started crying at about 10:30pm that night because she coudn't find her Little Bunny Foo Foo that she likes to sleep with. So in I went with Foo Foo, and stayed in there with her for about 20 minutes.

By 12:30am she started crying again, and I realized she was burning up with a temperature of 103.2. So I gave her some Motrin and hung out with her for about another 30 minutes giving her a cool washcloth for her head.

By 3:30am she had vomitted all over her bed and climbed in with me.

By 4:30am she had vomitted all over my side of the bed. By now I was too tired to think like a rational person, so I just threw a towel over the mess, cleaned her up and rolled her over to the other side of the bed to sleep with me.

By 6:30am the boys were up and ready to start their day.

So much of my Sunday morning was spent cleaning up from the overnight mess. I finally got Megan settled into her own clean bed by about 2pm, when I got another call to tour the house. I almost told the family that I just couldn't do it. But since the house was really clean and Keith was here to corral the kids, I told the people to give me an hour and come on over. So I cleaned and vaccumed in all the rooms except Megan's and about 2 minutes before the family was due in, I carried Megan out to the couch with her pillow and fankies (her 2 favorite blankets), made her bed and vaccumed her room. I'm really getting good at this last minute stuff, since the doorbell rang just as I was putting the vaccum cleaner back into the closet.

We haven't officially accepted any offers yet, but it's looking pretty promising that we'll have great news to report soon.

On another note, I ordered my cap and gown for graduation today. There's only about 8 weeks until graduation, and that looks like it will be a pretty nice weekend-long affair.

I'm heading to bed in just a little bit, since Megan woke me up at 3:30am today vomitting in her bed again and had another high fever this afternoon. Keith went in and snuggled in her bed for a while and I went to the store for more Tylenol and Motrin. She made him stay in her bed and watch about 30 minutes of The Little Mermaid (thank goodness for the portable DVD player!). She was sounding pretty bossy before she went to bed, so I'm hoping she's on the road to recovery.


Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

Oh Mary I hope your kiddos feel better. That is the worst! We went through that one a few weeks ago. No fun!! :(

The Holloways said...

Oh man! What a bummer! I hope everyone is feeling better really soon! That is the worst thing ever.

I have to say I am SO glad to know there is another one out there who isn't concerned with cleaning everything up right that second. As nice as it is to think it is always possible...there have been many nights of wet beds that we just toss a blanket over, change them, and put them back to bed. :)

Am hoping for the best with your house, your health, and all the new adventures coming up!

Mrs. Darling said...

Oh my what a night! I dont envy you!

You just get all the sleep you need now. The work will wait.

Ann said...

Getting the vaccum put away as the doorbell rings is quite an accomplishment after such a long night! Pop some vitamin C and stay healthy, you know what happens when mom get sick...

Lisa said...

How I hate nights of vomiting! lad I'm not the only one to roll over and ignore it. Being bossy ... mmm sounds like recovery to me! lisa

Becca and Jason said...

Hope everyone's feeling better over there!!!