Tuesday, April 1, 2008

sleepy boys and pack rat girl

Last night at the party, Joshua was having a blast, then about 30 minutes after he ate cake with blue icing, he starting falling apart. Out of no-where he just started crying and complaining that his socks were bothering him and that he wanted to be carried home. I figured he was weepy because he was warm from playing with the other boys there. Well, into the night, he woke up with some hives on his back. He was a bit on the sleepy side today. Our lessons included doing some calendar work and he kept getting frustrated with himself. Finally, I told him to go lay down in the livingroom and take a nap (the little ones were napping). Joshua slept soundly for about an hour, and then Keith sent Daniel to go wake him up. The boys sat together and watched a movie while I made dinner. Poor Joshua, Daniel sits so close to him!
Then Megan and Daniel set the table for dinner while Joshua tidied up the livingroom. Here they are sorting through the cutlery drawer.

The reality of the movers being here soon has really set in. I went through Megan's room again today, sorting and organizing. I took one look under her bed and nearly fainted. I'm so glad I looked now instead of when the movers move her mattress/boxsprings off the bedframe. She's a little packrat - there were empty Kleenex boxes filled with socks, a half a dozen cherries from Hi-Ho Cherry-Oh, bunches of her playfood, all of her My Little Ponies, one of her dolls that she had picked all the stuffing out of, and all the stuffing was all over the place. Not to mention the light-pegs to the Light-Bright, a feather boa and about 30 loose feathers. I promise, I keep a cleaner house than this! She's got her father's pack-rat genes, so when she's bored, she climbes under her bed to play with her treasures. The good news is that a couple of hours later, all the puzzles were put back together, the trash had been taken out, the carpet had been vaccumed and all the ponies got their hair cut (they were a matted tangled mess). Now, all of her toys are sorted, and her boxsprings and mattress are on the floor, lest she hoard anything else in the next few weeks!


momrn2 said...

The second picture posted here of the boys is frameworthy! It's wonderful!!!

I can only imagine the things I would find if we were moving... Maybe that should be enough to encourage me to clean as though we are. Um... not today. :-)

Mrs. Darling said...

I love how close he sits to big brother!

I think all kids are related to the rat species! :)

Zach and Beth said...

Oh, Mary, I'm so sorry about the icing! I didn't even think about it! Goodness...I hope he is feeling better.

I love, love, LOVE that pic of the boys, too. Gosh, it's amazing.