Sunday, April 20, 2008

Leu Gardens

Yesterday, we went to Leu Gardens for a nice afternoon walk. The computer and I were disagreeing and I was unable to post these pictures then. Leu Gardens is a place that Keith and I have been to many times. They now have some cute sculptures mixed in with some of the flowers.
Here's a shot of Joe taking a rest.
One of my favorite places in the gardens is the rose garden. There are so many different types of roses, but my favorite are the ones in this picture.
Here's a shot of Sandi, Joe and me in a corner of the rose garden.
Across the lake from Leu Gardens is the main campus of Florida Hospital. The college is on-campus there beside the hospital. When I was working towards my Associate Degree ten years ago, Keith and I would rent the canoes from the college and paddle across the lake to get to the gardens.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Those roses are so big they almost look like peonies!

The Little Wife said...

Look at those flowers!

The Little Wife said...
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Josh & Karale said...

ah! gorgeous pictures!