Sunday, April 13, 2008

A girlie birthday party

One of Megan's little friends had a birthday party today. Since I'm leaving for Florida first thing in the morning, I really wasn't sure if I had the time to be hanging around at a birthday party, but I knew Megan would be devistated if she missed seeing her friend Ava. The kids made adorable princess hats and then they all went to play in Ava's room. Ava has quite the collection of dress-up clothes, and Megan turned into Tinkerbell for the rest of the party.
It really was a good time and I was glad I went. I always enjoy spending time with my friend, Tanya.


Rachel H. said...

What fun idea for a party! I am glad you got to take the time to go--sometimes living in the moment isn't convenient, but is ALWAYS worth it! :)

Mrs. Darling said...

Hav fun in Florida!

Lisa said...

Hope you have a good trip!

Camille; Ponytail Challenge said...

Those hats are perfect! I love that the girls got to decorate them. I am bookmarking this for my little girl's bday later this year.
I checked out your "snacks" blog too. Good ideas. I always need new kid food ideas.
Um, also- be careful of those comments above- I know someone that got a virus from a comment like that.