Thursday, April 10, 2008

All about sea otters

I guess word has gotten out about the Wildlife Refuge Visitors Center's classes for kids. Today there was quite the crowd! Joshua was sleepy and weepy and sat with his head on my shoulder. Daniel forgot his Buddy Bear in the mini-van. But Megan enjoyed herself.

After the lesson and story, the kids gathered at the tables for some crafts, but there was just too much going on. Imagine about 30 kids with all of their mothers trying to give them direction speaking over each other. It was really overwhelming and the meltdowns began. The only one of my crew doing the craft was Joshua, so I helped him pack it up and we decided we'd finish it at home sometime this week.

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Rachel H. said...

HOW, my dear sweet friend, are you able to get out EVERY day?!?! Every morning I read your blog--every morning I am so surprised that you didn't wallow inside your house in your pj's like I have been known to do! :)

Am going to start asking myself...WWMD? (what would Mary do?)

Let's see what kind of outings this girl can plan!!