Sunday, April 6, 2008


The kids woke up this morning and saw the sun shining bright. They were cranked up and ready to go out! I was ready to let them, until I saw that it was only 28 degrees. It's just not right for the sun to be so inviting, but the temperature to be so low! I made them hang out inside until later in the day when it was about 35 degrees. Keith put them to work picking the rocks out of the front yard. When we shovel the driveway in the wintertime, the rocks from the driveway end up all in our front yard. While they were outside, Megan somehow found the one tiny patch of ice that is still in our yard, and down she slid, slicing her thumb open on a rock. I missed the whole thing, I was running some toddler girl clothes over to a neighbor with a little girl younger than Megan. Here is Megan telling me all about it when I got back.
The kids love to get out their school supplies and draw when I am cooking dinner.
Daniel is a sneaky little stinker. He pulled my MP3 player out of my bag from yesterday and had it on (I'm pretty sure he pressed all the buttons until it turned on). And notice that he is trying to get the earbuds to fit into his tiny little ears. He knows I've got some kid music on a playlist in there.

And just to prove his weirdness....We keep our plastic grocery sacks in a drawer to bring back to the store to recycle. However, when Daniel has a diaper that needs to go into the outside trash in the garage, we tie it in a plastic grocery sack. Daniel has taken pride in bringing the diaper and the bag to me for a diaper change. However, he will only bring me brown Safeway bags. He gets very upset if there are white bags in the grocery bag drawer. Of course, yesterday I did huge shopping at the commissary and have about 30 white bags in the drawer. Daniel pulled every one of them out until he found a brown Safeway bag. Then he put all the white bags back in the drawer. I know he gets this weirdness from both Keith and I, we are both very meticulous about different things.


Anonymous said...

Too funny! My brother's favorite color growing up was green, but for some reason he REFUSED to drink out of our green sippy cup...he would throw a tantrum until he got another color.

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Lisa said...

Oh look at her little face!! My daughter (7) loves sandwich bags, she fills them with everything and anything, except sandiches!