Thursday, April 10, 2008

Is it bedtime, yet?

I didn't make it to bed until well after midnight last night. We were sorting through things for the move. Then at 5:30am I hear hysterical crying - the kind where you know something is really wrong, but all the kids sound alike in the middle of the night. It was Megan that was freaking out. She had a really bad bloody nose early this morning. She soaked her t-shirt and ruined her jammy pants. With the help of our teddy bear cool pack, the bleeding stopped. I got Megan cleaned up and moved her to the couch, where she watched cartoons on PBS while I cleaned up her room. Funny thing is that we had our home appraisal scheduled for 9:30am and it looked like I was running a slaughter-house in one of our bedrooms. Very fortunately for me, the mess was contained to mostly her bed and her pajamas.

After the home appraisal was complete, the kids and I went to the Fly-by coffee shop to have coffee with some of the Coastie Chicks one last time. It sounds like a trendy high school clique (and it sometimes seems that way!), but Coastie Chicks is an on-line forum that acts as a resource for families affiliated with the Coast Guard, and it's been a life saver for helpful information with planning this move. Coastie Chicks has quite a few Kodiak members and it's great to put the faces with the names of these really helpful and very fun folks.
I had a coffee card that someone had given me as a gift a long while back, so I splurged and got each of the kids a little hot chocolate, and myself a strawberry/banana smoothie.

For some strange reason, the kids are crazy about fishing gear. Joshua can spend hours down at the dock watching the fishermen working on their boats. I like taking him down there because it reminds me of taking trips to Gloucester with my older sister and my dad. I remember my dad would let my sister and I get pink ice cream that had chunks of bubble gum in it. It was always a great time, and we always came home with lobsters. Ironically, I was scared to death of the live lobsters, yet I would cry and want to save them as soon as I heard that we were cooking them for dinner.

The kids and I came home to take naps, and Keith had already left for work. He had a dental appointment today, so he basically spent the entire day running around the base and then working tonight. I put the kiddos down for naps and spent about an hour working on my resume. Then the contact person for the moving company came to the house to take a look at how many boxes and crates he think's we'll need. I can't believe I'll only have 6 days to prep for the movers once I get back from my trip.

Since I didn't actually spend any money on coffee - I did treat myself to this beautiful necklace
that my friend Debbie brought back from her mission trip to Uganda. The money goes back to the orphanage that Debbie was volunteering in.
Before dinner tonight, the kids were starting to look like they were going to fall asleep. No, no, naps now, they'll never sleep tonight. So off to the park we went. It was a little chilly at 32 degrees, but we managed to have fun for about 30 minutes.
Daniel not looking too happy because he wants someone to push him around.
Megan, she's such a dare-devil.
Daniel on the small kids playground.

Daniel riding a duck.

Joshua steering the pirate ship.
Overall it was a very fun day today, but it was also a long day. I'm actually planning on going to bed soon after the kids because I am beat! I'm hoping I'm tired enough to sleep because I'm getting nervous about leaving for my trip to Florida in 2 days! My heart sank this morning when I read on-line about Alaska Airlines grounding some planes this morning to do safety checks. Fortunately all the grounded planes but 2 are back up and running.


Becca and Jason said...

What a fun day!

Hey, if the kids are that into the fishing stuff, and you need an activity to fill a day after you get back, come on out to the school and I'll give them the VIP tour! We've got all kinds of fun fish stuff and I'd love to spend a little time with them (and you!) before you go!! Let me know!

Mary said...

Okay - I'll call you and set up a date for when I get back. Thanks!!

Rachel H. said...

WOW! I would definitely say it's bedtime! :)

What an awesome little piece of jewelry! I love buying things that help other's out.

Am wishing you luck on your flight. It is scary, I am sure...just know you will have a lot of prayers heading your way!!

The Day family of 4 said...

HA! I just clicked on the pony tail challenge site... what a hoot! I wish you the best for a safe and relaxing trip. You & your family will be in my prayers.

Just a Girl in a Port said...

How fun! Love the necklace.

Just a Girl in a Port said...
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Mrs. Darling said...

Oh my I so need a coffee right now. Its been ages since ive treated myself to coffee because of my stupid diet!
It indeed looks like you had a lovely day!