Sunday, April 6, 2008

Frenzy Fridays

I went to be early last night from sheer exhaustion. Fridays are usually our day to get the house extra clean, load up on groceries and plan out the weekend. Friday morning the kids and I tidied the house, and then Joshua did school work.

Since we are nearing the end of the school year, Joshua's work now focuses on mostly reading and math as actual school work. Truthfully, I'd rather him have the opportunity to go to the Wildlife Refuge for a class about animals, than to sit at the table and fill in all the a's in the short story Nat at Bat. We do writing practice in different ways. He likes to make lists sounding out words.

We are just about done with his reading lesson book. I think he's become a great reader. In math we plan on finishing up the year learning about calendars, telling time, and counting money.
I mentioned in a previous posting that when I drive on base I have to cross the runway. A girlfriend of mine called me to ask if that was legal! So, fortunately, I had the camera with me while I was sitting at the stop sign waiting for a helo to go past. See, I wasn't fibbing.

Friday afternoon I decided to go out to the commissary to stock up on our last big grocery run before the big move (sorry, Becca, I know it makes you sad!). Since I was going to be all the way out there at the base, I decided to spend some time at the gym. Before the price of gas became too high, I would take the kids with me 3 days a week and they would play in the "horsestalls" in the parent work-out room while I ran on the treadmill. I love that they were confined from the equipment. We usually go into the main gym and shoot hoops when I'm done running. There is a special 4 foot tall basketball hoop in the closet at the gym that I pull out for the kids when we are there. But, Friday, I was all by myself and it was wonderful. I did my running in the parent work-out room because it was empty and quiet. I like quiet.

Keith was a champ hanging with the kids for the few hours I was gone. The weather was yucky and the kids were climbing the walls. He managed to get them all down for naps. They always listen better for him! Joshua said that Daddy deserves a special dinner, so Joshua and I made Buffalo Chicken Dip for Daddy to snack on.


Becca and Jason said...

Your buffalo chicken dip recipe is like mine - only I put chopped celery in it, too. I think it's the one food that can make my mouth water (like it is now) just by thinking about it!

Oh, and I know who was in the "driver's seat" of that helicopter!

The Holloways said...

I love the little gated area at your gym--is that where the kids go?@!?! :) haha...jk. I could totally see all these kids locked in their little area screaming for their working out mom. :)

Mary said...

Funny, that is where the kids go. They do pretty well in there. But I've seen more than one kiddo melting down pining for their running mom, or attempting to plan an escape.