Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pictures from church

These pictures are from church last weekend. Sadly, we missed church this weekend due to the overwhelming number of sleepless nights this week resulting in some seriously grumpy kids. Joshua's class sang Happy Birthday to him. He was very excited to be in the front of the classroom.
Here he is about to blow out his candles.
Daniel's class had a snack this week. They don't often serve snacks in his class, and boy what a difference. Give these kids a little cup of goldfishes and they'll sit for the story. I did have to chuckle when the little girl sitting beside Daniel had her eyes closed for the prayer, I could tell Daniel was struggling with whether or not to steal a few goldfishes out of her cup. He kept looking at her cup, then looking at her eyes.
Daniel loves the felt board. He likes making stories and rearranging the stories.
Megan was looking a little disheveled that morning. It had been our first morning waking up in our new house and we were all running around like crazy. She loves to do crafts and sing in her class. She has really gotten quite good at coloring in the lines, drawing pictures and writing parts of her name.

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