Saturday, August 30, 2008

Building Blocks

Our church is in the process of raising funds for a large expansion project. The project is called Building Boldly for Jesus. Each of the children were given a building block to decorate. The kids are also supposed to collect money in their blocks to bring back to the church. Keith and I are both in the habit of leaving change all over the house, so when the kids find it, they put it in their block. When I find money in the dryer, I give it to Joshua to put in a block. In two weeks, the kids will bring their blocks in and stack them in the church to build a wall. The theory behind this is that the kids are seeing how the little bit of money will add up to the new building. Our kids are loving this idea. Today I was changing clothes and I heard Megan ask if she can get a fork out. I gave her permission to get a fork from the silverware drawer, unsure of what she was going to be doing with it. When I went to check her, she was prying money out of her Little Mermaid piggy bank to put in her Building Boldly for Jesus block. I thought it was so cute, I had to sneak up and take a picture.
The church provided some stickers to decorate the box. We also used some stamper-type markers that Daniel loves to work with. He made his box all dotted on one side, and helped me make a caterpillar on the other side.
His prcecision and skill were sweet to watch. He was just working his little heart out to make his box nice.
Megan made some flowers on one side of her box and some children on the other side of her box.
Joshua used some paper to plan out how he wanted to decorate his box.
The kids did a great job. They had a lot of fun and worked really hard.

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