Monday, August 11, 2008

First Day of School - 2008

Daddy surprised us by coming home last night. He was excited to be home to see everyone off for their first day of school. As you can see, Megan was feeling her usual sassy self this morning getting ready for school. She was pretty excited about starting school.

I had Megan and Joshua standing beside each other to get pictures taken to remember their first day at FLEC and Daniel came running over yelling, "me, too!".
We loaded up the mini-van and headed off into the sea of other mini-vans in the school parking lot. It was pretty chaotic, but we survived. After dropping two kids off, it was nice to grocery shop with only one.
Then Daniel colored some dinosaur pictures while I washed and chopped produce and did some bulk cooking for the week. Daniel sampled everything I chopped and managed to sneak away half of a green bell pepper. How could I be mad at him munching quietly away.
Before lunch, Daniel and Daddy played out in the driveway. Daniel does quite well on his tricycle.
Grandma and Grandpa came over for dinner tonight to hear all about every one's first day of school. The kids were tired, but they did great. Right after dinner an Edible Arrangement was delivered (thanks Grandma and Grandpa!) for the kids to enjoy.

It was a really fun day. It's kindof funny, so many people have asked me if I am sad that the kids are in school now. I think my feelings about Megan and Joshua being in school are feelings of excitement. I loved school. I can remember the name of every teacher I've ever had. (That's not an exaggeration...seriously, I can.) I remember field trips to the Stone Zoo and Topsfield's Fair and of course the Boston Museum of Science and the Aquarium. I loved school lunches and pizzas on Friday. I'm so excited that they get to experience all of this. I have to admit, that I will be completely disappointed if they don't absolutely love school as much as I did. And with three kids, there's a pretty good possibility that one or two just might think that creating a diorama out of a shoe box is pretty lame.


Anonymous said...

I am in LOVE with Megan's skirt! And that Edible Arrangement looks wonderful! I, too, remember all the names of my teachers - so don't worry!

Susan & Chad said...

I loved, loved, loved school too, but I have to tell you - I still hate (even the thought) of those dumb dioramas.

I'm hoping that by the time my (yet to be conceived) kids are in school, the teachers will have forgotten about dioramas, because mommy will be no help at all!

Rachel H. said...

I too remember all the names! :) And I am excited your kids are in school. It will be a nice change of pace for them, and for you too!

Just a Girl in a Port said...

Another one who remembers names here. :)

They all look so cute.

I have to say I'm envious that you only had 1 to go grocery shopping with. *sigh*

Flo said...

Megan and Joshua look very confident and excited. I'm glad their dad could be there to see them off, and lucky you with Daniel coloring so politely while you prepped for the week!