Thursday, August 28, 2008


The real reason why the house isn't 100% unpacked just yet is because I can't stop playing with the kids! Daniel is really fun to play with one-on-one. He's a whole different character when the "big" kids are at school. Monday we made dinosaur camps and had a roaring contest to see which dinosaur had the best roar. And yes, those are big boy underpants he's wearing!
These week we've also been on a board game kick. We've recently introduced Joshua to Monopoly. We have had the Star Wars Monopoly Edition for years and Joshua has been wanting to play with the figures. We told him if he wanted to mess around with it, he needed to play the actual game. Not only did he play the game, but he managed to win!
Earlier this week we were out shopping and came across the Disney/Pixar Monopoly Edition for dirt cheap. We scooped it up and tried it out. The board is so cute. Megan and Daddy teamed up together as Boo and Sully. Daniel and I were Lightening McQueen and Joshua was Buzz Lightyear. Daddy and Megan started out strong, but in the end, Joshua won the game again. I will clarify that we do give him some coaching about property management and purchasing houses and hotels (which are ships of some sort for the Star Wars edition and traffic cones and Al's Toy Barns for the Disney/Pixar edition).
I find the board games to be more fun than the Wii games. But the kids like the Wii and so I try to get into playing the games. I think they like playing Wii with me because I'm not nearly as good as they are at it. (Pay no attention to those no-yet-unpacked boxes beside the couch in the family room.)

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