Saturday, August 9, 2008

A word about school uniforms

I was thrilled when I found out the kids would be wearing unforms to school. Let's face it, kids' clothes are expensive. Not to mention, I'd hate to send the kids to school in expensive clothes only to have them glitter/marker/spill lunch/roll in the dirt or whatever else kids do in preschool and kindergarden. Yippie for uniforms.

Although, I have to admit, this school is a little new to uniforms and there is very little actual "uniformity" among the uniforms. I was swimming in choices...crew cut shirt, collared shirt - blue, white, red or green. Khaki or navy blue shorts, pants, capries or skorts. And then there is the parochial school-looking optional jumper/dress for the girls with the white peter-pan collared shirt (totally not Megan-y at all). At first the school was very specific that we could only purchase the bottoms from one particular vendor that they had contracted with. It was insane - nearly $25 for a pair of pants that any normal elementary school aged child will outgrow by Christmas break. Thank goodness somebody at the school had a stroke of genious and just the other day (about 5 days before school is scheduled to start) sent out an announcement allowing parents to purchase uniform bottoms at other vendors. Yay for Target's $9.99 uniform pants/skorts/shorts/capries.
Megan insisted that she needed a backpack to take to school with her. She picked out this monkey backpack at Target tonight, along with two new pairs of Mary Jane shoes to wear with her uniforms.


Rachel H. said...

Is Megan in school? Preschool or Kindergarten? Would she really need a UNIFORM if she WAS in preschool? wow...this is all so foriegn...

Next year....ahhhh!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh uniforms - how I miss thee.